For all those in Vancouver, I’m gonna be tabling at AnimeRevolution tomorrow with MedicalWhiskey at Table 62! We’ll probably have a huge tower of prints from multiple artists alongside Skullfairy, so it’ll be hard to miss! Would love you meet ya if you happen to be there, so do drop by! ^^

so! here’s what i’ve been working on for the past week. it’s extremely unfamiliar grounds to me, both in concept and style, and has been extremely difficult to understand how i should work on it. (killmenowpls) i’m starting to really really enjoy it, though. ^^

i have 3 days before i send the print orders…and though i believe i can get it polished enough to sell at ARev, i think even then i wanna go the extra mile and work on it till i’m satisfied. i wanna make something i can feel proud of.